FIA Firefighter


Postponed until April 2020 (Previously 2021/01/30)


Linköping University at Campus Valla.
Specific location will be given to participants later.


The Firefighter competition is a competition about building an Autonomous fire extinguisher robot. The robot must navigate in a maze and extinguish a live candle flame.

This is a competition, so prizes related to robotics and electronics will be awarded to the top 3 participants!




To be announced!



Please register your team at :

A preliminary maximum of 5 members per team is set. If you wish to be more than 5 members in your team, please contact us.

A preliminary maximum of 10 teams is set. More teams may be allowed later depending on how many members end up in all teams.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of 100 SEK will be charged per team, this can be seen as a reservation fee as the number of teams is limited.

If the competition is cancelled your registration fee will be refunded.


This information will be stored during the period leading up to and during the competition and if needed for a maximum of 1 month after the competition.

This information will only be shared with the FIA board members arranging this competition.

About us

This competition is arranged by FIA “Föreningen för Intelligenta Autonoma System” or “FIA Robotics”, a student association at Linköping university.

You can read more about FIA @


Please contact us if you have any opinions or questions!